About Us

Scholoxy Publications tend to publish quality articles on the current ongoing research in the field of Bioscience and Medicine.


We as e-publishers, providing global web exposure for the journals and articles published which is freely and permanently available online for anyone, anywhere as the articles are subject under creative commons attribute license 4.0.


Scholoxy with Multidisciplinary Peer Reviewed, Open Access, International journal i.e STM (Science, Technology, Medicine) Journals the scope of the journals necessarily broad to cover recent discoveries' in structural, biological and functional principles of scientific research. It also encourages and provides a forum for the publication of research work in different fields of pure and applied sciences.


We are committed to maintain high standards of articles with stringent Single blinded peer-review process providing quality and reliability of the work. Scholoxy enables authors' to widen their readability in their area of interest though email alerts and high visibility article display.