1. What is Scholoxy?
Scholoxy as the name of the publisher indicates oxygen for scholor for which we are aimed to publish quality articles under peer review process in support to the scientific committee.

2. Why Scholoxy?
Scholoxy is an open access online journal publisher which adds advantages of e-publishing with a greater visibility for browsing and searching and published articles undergo a rapid peer review process and maintain high quality though out the process.


1. When should we submit our papers?
Authors can submit the manuscripts at anytime by online submission. It will be published soon, if accepted.

2. How do I submit my article?
Authors can submit the manuscripts though our online submission system.

3. Where can I find manuscript preparation template?
Authors can follow the preparation manuscript guidelines at authors page.

4. What type of articles does Scholoxy publish?
Scholoxy publishes wide range of type of articles following certain criteria. Please visit for further details: authors page

5. When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission?
Immediately you will be receiving a acknowledgement email for the editorial office with a unique manuscript ID. Please drop us an Email if you couldn't receive your acknowledgment email timely.

6 .What is manuscript ID?
When an manuscript is been submitted to any particular journal of Scholoxy an unique manuscript ID is been generated internally the online submission system.

7. What is the use of manuscript ID?
Manuscript ID is a unique ID assigned to the submitted manuscripts to the journals. ID is useful for the tracking the status of the manuscript during the review process till published online.


1. My paper has been published, where can I find on web?
Once paper is been published, authors will receive a email confirmation for the published article. Further, Scholoxy journals will provide DOI once the journals get its ISSN.

2. Are Scholoxy published article available for free?
As Scholoxy is a open access publisher, the articles published are freely available online only after the authorship agreement been signed by the authors.

3. Is there any publication Fee applicable?
Yes, publication fee/article processing charges is applicable for the articles published in journals from Scholoxy to compensate the editorial process expenditures.

4. Can we receive a waiver for our article's charges?
Scholoxy provides wavier on the article process charges to support the scientific community. The authors from the developing countries can apply for the waiver. Further, even partial waivers are also provided to encourage the authors with the highest scientific content. Please contact Editorial Office regarding the waivers Email Us.

5. How to deposit publication fee?
Once the paper is been accepted for publication, the authors are requested to pay the article process charge.
Authors are privileged to opt any of the following methods:
1. Direct Deposit (online Transfer).
Authors are requested to send a scan copy of the pay slip.
2. Online NEFT transfer by using IFSC code.
Authors are requested to send transaction ID.
3. Online Wire transfer/SWIFT transfers using SWIFT code.
Authors are requested to send transaction ID.


1. Is Scholoxy a Close Access or Open Access Journal?
Scholoxy is a gold OA type of publications following single blind peer review process.

2. What is Scholoxy Journals Impact Factor Status?
As Scholoxy Journals are newly launched Journals, We are dedicatedly working towards to get impact factor for the journal articles by adopting publication standards from ICMJE & COPE.

3. Dose Journals of Scholoxy provide DOI?
Yes, all the Journals of Scholoxy provides DOI though crossref, once the Journal gets its ISSN.

4. How dose review process works?
All the Journals of Scholoxy undergo single peer review process. for more information on review process : Peer review process.

Join Scholoxy:

1. How do I join Editorial Board Team?
To join the Editorial Board Team, please contact us with your updated resume/CV with the publication list.

2. How do I join as a reviewer for the journal?
To join the Reviewer Team, Please contact us with your updated resume/CV with the publication list.

3. Should I join Scholoxy on social networks?
As we invite all scientist, researchers, academics and students to join Scholoxy Journals on social networks.