Hyperplasia of Cancer

Hyperplasia of Cancer Journal from the Scholoxy aims in publishing high quality scientific content papers in open access.
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The Scope of the Hyperplasia of Cancer Journal covers multidisciplinary aspect of cancer, emphasizing cancer biology, oncogenesis, carcinogenesis, infectious causes of cancer, tumor immunology, antioxidants, and potential therapeutics in curing cancer.


Types of Cancers :

1. Carcinoma (Adenocarcinoma and Squamous cell carcinoma)

2. Sarcoma (Soft tissue cancers, Primary bone cancers and Gastro-intestinal stromal tumours)

3. BN Myeloma ( Plasma cell cancers- Multiple myeloma)

4. Leukemia (Lymphoblastic leukemia, Myelogenous and Polycythemia

5. Lymphoma (Hodgkin lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma)

6. Mixed Types (Adenosquamous, Carcinosarcoma, Teratocarcinoma)

Cancer Biology :

1. Signal Transduction

2. Apoptosis

3. Genomic Instability

4. Growth Factors

5. Cell and Molecular Biology

6. Mutation

7. DNA Repair

8. Genetics

Oncology :

1. Experimental Oncology

2. Clinical Oncology

3. Translational Oncology

4. Cancer Epidemiology

5. Gynecologic Oncology

6. Neuro-Oncology

7. Radiation Oncology

8. Pediatric Oncology

Note : List is not limited to, the following disease sites and disciplines.
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