Pharmacology and Alternative Medicine Therapeutics

Pharmacology and alternative medicine therapeutics Journal is the premier peer-reviewed journal of scientific work focusing on the mechanism of action of chemicals in biological systems. The Journal is concerning all the aspects of pharmacology, clinical trials, pharmacovigilence and alternative medicine fields.


1. Ethnobiology

2. Ethnomedicineis

3. Behavioural Pharmacology

4. Neuropharmacology and Analgesia

5. Cardiovascular Pharmacology

6. Pulmonary, Gastrointestinal and Urogenital Pharmacolog

7. Endocrine Pharmacology

8. Immunopharmacology and Inflammation

9. Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

10. Ayurveda

12. Homeopathy

13. Diet and Nutrition

14. Environmental Medicine

15. Meditation

16. Psychotherapy

17. Yoga

18. Unani

19. Acupressure

20. Anthroposophy

Note: Scope of the journal is not restricted to the topics mentioned.
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